Acne can be a difficult skin condition to overcome with traditional topical treatments and prescribed medications often failing to provide long-term relief.

Searching for the right answer can be time-consuming and expensive, all the while your skin continues to suffer from redness, scars and breakouts.

Taking probiotics for acne may help you get one step closer to clear skin. Probiotics are a safe, natural way of treating your acne from the inside out, without relying on harsh chemicals or questionable ingredients. Try the best probiotic for acne and start seeing clearer skin!

How We Select The Best

Struggling with acne? You’re not alone!

If you’ve been searching for a way to reduce your acne without harsh chemicals, try looking into probiotics. Finding the best one can be tricky though – there are plenty of brands out there and it might take some digging to find what works best. But don't worry – we did the research so you don’t have to! We've found the perfect blend of strains that work wonders on acne, plus high levels of live bacteria in every dose so you won't waste money or time.

These top-of-the-line products are manufactured according to strict standards and backed by third party testing so you know it's reliable and effective. Plus, customer reviews speak volumes about just how fantastic these products are when it comes to reducing breakouts and improving skin health overall.

Don’t wait another minute – get started with the best probiotic for acne formula for clearing up your skin today!

Best for Gut Health

Stonehenge Health Probiotics

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What's the Big Deal?

Stonehenge Health Probiotics have been known for being  a trusted source of health supplements, and their probiotic blend is no different. The blend provides 16 different bacterial strains in each tablet, which helps to rebalance your gut bacteria. Plus, Stonehenge has got you covered as this vegetarian supplement ensures delivery directly to your gut.

That’s why it resists breakdown even before its arrival at the stomach's acid environment. Furthermore, this supplement promotes the growth of good bacteria to further ensure digestion works optimally. Stonehenge gives you long-term relief against skin breakouts.

What You Should Know

Stonehenge Health Probiotics contains 30 capsules, with a suggested serving size of one capsule per day. Each dose delivers 224 mg of a potent 16-strain probiotic blend and 95 mg of prebiotic fiber blend, ensuring maximum benefit for your gut health.

Stonehenge Health Probiotics is free from soy, gluten, dairy, magnesium stearate, and artificial fillers, preservatives, and binders. It's also non-GMO and vegan-friendly, making it suitable for all lifestyles. Plus, the dark amber glass bottle ensures that the probiotics remain potent by blocking out moisture and light.

Best Skin Hydration

Love Wellness Clear Skin Probiotic

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What's the Big Deal?

Love Wellness Clear Skin Probiotic is the one-stop shop for women's wellness that gives you the clear, healthy complexion that you desire. Their probiotic blend works to hydrate and improve inner layers of the gut skin axis while also uniting them for better harmony.

No more dryness, cracking, or redness - get a smooth, healthy complexion with this awesome supplement! It's perfect for anyone who wants to feel healthier in their own body. Make Love Wellness Clear Skin Probiotic a part of your daily routine for easy yet effective clear skin results!

What You Should Know

Love Wellness Clear Skin Probiotic will impress you has 30 easy-to-swallow capsules, each containing 30 mg of zinc, 40 mg of chaste tree fruit extract, and 25 mg of bifidobacterium Longum. The benefits are not just limited to your skin, but also include a healthier digestive system.

Moreover, the supplement does not contain dairy or gluten. Just take one capsule a day with your meal and you're good to go. Don't worry about refrigeration either, as it's not required.

Best Prebiotic & Probiotic

Codeage Skin Probiotics + Prebiotics

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What's the Big Deal?

Codeage Skin Probiotics + Prebiotics' formula comes in convenient capsules packed with 19 power-packed probiotic strains designed to help spark the growth of healthy microorganisms and improve your overall complexion.

Plus, with their cutting edge prebiotic blend, you'll be able to feel better and look better faster than ever before. They've made sure their product is 100% vegan and vegetarian friendly - so you don't have to worry about sacrificing your dietary preferences. So why wait? See what Codeage can do for you!

What You Should Know

Codeage Skin Probiotics + Prebiotics includes 60 shelf-stable capsules. With a recommended serving size of only two capsules, you'll get 45mg of vitamin C, 755mg of the proprietary blend, 581mg of the probiotic blend, and 30mg of phytoceramides in each dosage.

Plus, it's free from soy, milk, wheat, egg, gluten, dairy, shellfish, and GMOs. Take this supplement in the morning or at night with a glass of water, with or without food. Manufactured in the USA in a cGMP-certified facility and third-party tested for quality.

Best for Skin Health

Dermala SUPPLEMEANT to Be Probiotics

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What's the Big Deal?

Dermala has created a supplement to battle acne breakouts and give you the healthy skin of your dreams. The combination of probiotics, prebiotics, spinach leaf extract, and vitamins A, C, and E make up the perfect mix for controlling acne from the inside out.

And with added zinc in the mix, you know your skin is getting a high dose of nourishment that leaves it looking vibrant and glowing. Don’t let acne put a damper on how you feel – take control with Dermala SUPPLEMEANT and see all those troublesome spots fade away!

What You Should Know

Each capsule contains a carefully balanced blend of 300 mcg of Vitamin A, 30 mg of Vitamin C, 5 mg of Vitamin E, 15 mg of zinc, 6.25 billion CFU of probiotics, 100 mg of spinach leaf extract, and 15 mg of prebiotic phage mix.

This supplement is also cruelty-free and contains only microcrystalline cellulose and delayed-release vegetable capsules. To use, simply take the recommended dosage of one capsule with a meal or swallow it with water.

Best for Acne Treatment

DrFormulas Dermtella Clear Skin Support Packs

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What's the Big Deal?

Each daily dose of DrFormulas' Dermtella Clear Skin Support Packs contain 23 powerful probiotics that work together in harmony to restore balance in your digestive system.

Additionally, it also contains turmeric which has powerful antioxidant benefits! Not only can this amazing herb help protect against free radical damage, it also helps to maintain a healthy immune system so that your skin can look and feel its best every day. For clearer, brighter, healthier-looking skin than ever before, choose DrFormulas acne treatment today.

What You Should Know

Each packet contains a carefully crafted blend of natural supplements recommended for one serving per day. It  includes 50mg of zinc, 1000mg of fish oil, 250mg of turmeric 95% extract, 250mg of turmeric powder, 150mg of DIM, 50mg of broccoli 4:1 extract, 50mg of calcium D-Glucarate, 5mg of Bioperine, 5mg of inulin, and 139mg of nexabiotic probiotic blend.

This supplement also contains gelatin, rice powder, vegetable glycerin, vegetable stearic acid, microcrystalline cellulose, and delayed-release capsules. People with soy and fish allergies should avoid this product. Rest assured, this supplement is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility and is third-party tested for purity and potency.

Benefits, Dosage, and Side Effects

Probiotics for acne has benefits and side effects just like any other supplement. Let's discuss them along with their recommended dosage.


When you take probiotics, your digestive tract gets a healthy balance. This helps to reduce acne by calming internal inflammation and promoting healthy bacteria. Oral probiotics also help to prevent skin irritation and infection, leading to smoother and healthier skin. Unlike harsh skincare products, probiotics restore natural moisture to the skin, which acts as a barrier against irritation, redness, and sensitivity.

Consuming probiotics can help combat acne by reducing oxidative stress in the body, which is caused by excess free radicals and low antioxidants. They achieve this by rebalancing the gut microbiome, preventing gut dysbiosis, by increasing the number of healthy bacteria in the gut, and reducing the growth of bad bacteria. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth can contribute to both internal and external inflammation, affecting overall health and wellbeing.

Probiotics also regulate bowel movement and assist with digestive issues, such as having a better tolerance towards fermented foods, leading to positive effects on the skin microbiome and mental health. Additionally, probiotics can reduce the risk of acne caused by stress and mental health issues by improving brain health. By incorporating probiotics into your diet can help keep your gut lining intact, reducing the likelihood of leaky gut and acne.


Probiotic blends for treating acne vary in formulation, as each manufacturer has used different combinations of topical probiotics, vitamins, and minerals based on their research. So, it's hard to say what the recommended dosage of probiotics should be for everyone.

Check the product labels for the recommended dosage limit or consult your healthcare provider to learn how to take a specific blend based on your needs, underlying health conditions, and ongoing treatments.

Side Effects

Treating acne with probiotics has no significant side-effects. While some people might experience stomach discomforts at the beginning, we recommend starting with a low dosage and then increasing it gradually.

You can continue using the probiotic supplement if there are no side-effects. However, if you notice any signs of allergies, stop taking them and consult your healthcare provider.

Probiotic for Acne FAQs

This section answers your frequently asked questions regarding the use of probiotic supplements for acne.

Can probiotics clear acne?

Topical probiotics increase skin moisture and reduce acne and acne severity. They also have antibacterial properties that also reduce the side effects of other treatments for acne.

Do probiotics make your skin clear?

The major function of probiotics is to clear the external and internal inflammation of the body which is the leading cause of acne. When there is no inflammation there will be no acne.

How long do probiotics take for acne?

The intake of probiotics takes two to three weeks to show visible benefits against acne. During this time, probiotics increase the good bacterial count, decrease the bad bacterial count, and reduce the inflammation of the body.

What bacteria causes acne?

The anaerobic bacterium Propionibacterium acnes is the most common cause of skin acne.

What kills acne bacteria fast?

Benzoyl peroxide removes dead skin cells and excessive oil from the skin that clogs the skin pores. Resultantly, it removes acne-causing bacteria.

Which hormone causes acne?

Androgens is a hormone that regulates the production of sebum. It stimulates sebum production which causes acne in puberty.

What kills acne bacteria naturally?

Tea tree oil, aloe vera, honey, and zinc are natural remedies against acne bacteria.

Can acne be 100% cured?

You cannot cure acne 100% due to hormones and other biological issues but you can make dietary changes and use supplements to suppress the causes of acne.

What vitamin kills acne bacteria?

Vitamin D fights against infections and germs. It also blocks the acne-causing bacteria that's why we can say that Vitamin D kills acne bacteria.

What age is acne the worst?

Teenagers and young adults are more affected by acne till the age of 24. It all starts with puberty and some people may experience it till their 40s.

Final Word

We hope that this article has shed some light on the subject of treating acne with probiotics. There are so many solutions out there that can be costly and ineffective, but when it comes to probiotics as a treatment you don't have to worry about harsh side effects.

Probiotics help make sure your skin barrier is receiving all the necessary nutrition it needs while fighting off bacteria-causing breakouts. Give them a go and check out the best probiotic for acne and experience first-hand how amazing clearer skin can feel. Don't wait – get ready to receive these remarkable benefits today!