Aging is a natural process that we all have to go through, but it's not always easy. As we age our bodies produce less collagen, which leads to a number of problems like reduced lean muscle mass and joint pain.

This can lead to a decreased quality of life and weight gain. But there's good news! You can stop the aging process by taking liquid collagen supplements.

By taking liquid collagen you get many benefits including increased lean muscle mass, reduced joint pain, improved skin health, and better overall health. Start taking the best liquid collagen for weight loss today to slow down ageing!

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How We Select The Best

Looking for a way to boost your metabolism and lose weight?

We all know that collagen supplements can help with anti-aging, but what you may not know is that they can also help with weight loss. In fact, we’ve found the 5 best liquid collagen supplements for weight loss. Give any of them a try and see the amazing benefits for yourself!

Collagen supplements are beneficial in so many ways – not just for anti-aging. They can help you lose weight, gain muscle mass, and have glowing skin. Who wouldn’t want all of that?

Keep scrolling to learn more about the best liquid collagen supplements for weight loss and purchase one today!

Best for Muscle and Joints Recovery

Proteinex Liquid Collagen Protein

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What's the Big Deal?

Proteinex is a renowned supplement provider that creates great-tasting formulas. It provides the purest form of Collagen protein with a 99 percent absorption rate. This hydrolyzed protein is the simplest form of amino acids that ensures easy absorption. This formula has Type 1 and Type 2 collagen, as both are important for your health and the nutrition of bones, skin, hair, and joints.

This formula helps you restore your energy and recover your body after exercise. By eliminating the collagen deficiency of the body with this formula, damaged muscles easily rebuild themselves.

What You Should Know

One bottle contains 18 grams of Proteinex liquid collagen protein. You will get 29 servings per pack. The serving size is 2 tablespoons or 30 ml. Each serving gives you 72 calories, 18 grams of protein, 5 mg of sodium, 66 mg of L-tryptophan, and 18000 mg of Collagen.

It is a non-GMO, gluten-free, and sugar-free formula that resolves digestion issues. Also, it has no fats, carbs, and artificial preservatives. You can drink it directly or mix it with water. Furthermore, you can also add it to your juices, smoothies, or any other beverages.

This formula is available in cherry, lemon-lime, grape, pina colada, and watermelon flavors.

Best Hair, Skin, and Nails Vitamins

Windsor Botanicals Liquid Collagen + Biotin

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What's the Big Deal?

Windsor Botanicals is a renowned manufacturer of high-potency general wellness and energy supplements. This liquid collagen formula by Windsor Botanicals is combined with Biotin to increase its effectiveness for hair and skin. The anti-aging effect will be visible within days.

With weight loss, this liquid collagen formula is effective for glowing skin and glossy hair. It makes your hair get strong and thick and improves your skin's elasticity by providing hydration and balanced oils. It instantly absorbs into the body and restores natural reserves of collagen in the body.

Your body produces less collagen as you age, which leads to wrinkles because of the dryness of the skin. However, there will be nothing like it if you take this supplement. Also, it protects you against joint pain and brittle bones.

What You Should Know

Each container has 60 ml of liquid collagen. It comprises 60 servings of 1 ml each. You don't have to measure the serving size, just take out one full dropper, and that's your complete dosage of liquid collagen for the day. You will get 10,000 mcg of Type 1 and Type 3 hydrolyzed collagen peptides in each serving. Furthermore, you will also get 5000 mcg of Biotin with each serving.

This best liquid collagen for skin and weight loss is non-GMO, lactose-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free. There is nothing hard while taking this liquid collagen supplement. Take out one filled dropper and empty it under your tongue. That's it; you will get all the essential nutrients with this simple step.

Best for Bone & Joint Support

Nature's Truth Liquid Collagen

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What's the Big Deal?

Nature's Truth is a wellness expert that provides supplements and vitamins for the effortless everyday well-being of mankind. It offers premium collagen peptides in the form of a liquid. This supplement is best suited for muscle and joint support and weight loss.

This collagen supplement is a pure keto diet. Also, it is paleo-friendly, which means it helps maintain your weight. With the collagen supplement intake, your skin and hair improve, making you look more beautiful.

What You Should Know

Nature's Truth Liquid Collagen is a reliable and natural solution to health and wellness. This refreshing berry flavored liquid contains 1,000mg of hydrolyzed collagen per serving, as well as biotin and vitamin C for maximum efficacy.

Each 16oz bottle provides an easy way to get essential nutrients on the go. And since it's non-GMO, you can trust that Nature's Truth itself is a product of nature, bring yourself one step closer to optimal health and wellness.

Best for Bone Loss Prevention

WILD FUEL Liquid Collagen with Biotin Vitamins

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What's the Big Deal?

Wild Fuel is a renowned supplement provider that takes the best from nature to get the best for you. It provides liquid collagen peptides with Biotin vitamins with positive liquid collagen for weight loss. It offers fast results and long-lasting benefits of hydrolyzed Type 1 and Type 3 collagen. While you take this supplement, your mind and body will not age.

With age, your natural collagen production declines resulting in weak bones and joints, dry skin, and hair. But not anymore if you regularly use this supplement. It also moisturizes your skin and maintains a balance in your skin's natural oils for optimal hydration.

What You Should Know

It contains 59 ml of liquid collagen. You will get 60 servings in each bottle. You don't need to measure the serving size. Just take one full dropper, and that's it. You will get 10,000 mg of hydrolyzed Type 1 and Type 3 collagen in each dosage with 5000 mg of liquid Biotin.

It's a sugar-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free, and nut-free formula along with a lemon flavor taste. Furthermore, this supplement is safe to leave at room temperature, and there is no need to refrigerate it.

Best Hydrolyzed Collagen

Applied Nutrition Liquid Collagen

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What's the Big Deal?

Applied Nutrition is a popular sports nutrition brand. It provides hydrolyzed collagen in a tube form so you can use them easily. Hydrolyzed form of collagen is the protein broken down into amino acids. It effectively helps the body to rebuild collagen itself.

Collagen is a structural protein, and when it is enough collagen in the body, the connective tissue of the body get their structure. This also minimizes the effects of aging. Your skin nourishes by its continuous usage. It will not miraculously help you lose weight. It will take time, but it is a safe process.

What You Should Know

In the pack, you will find 20 tubes. In each tube of 10 ml, you will get 4000 mg of Hydrolyzed Collagen. Each dose also has 2000 mcg of Biotin, a beauty nutrient. This supplement also has fruit and green tea extracts that protect your skin and aid in weight loss. You will also get Vitamin C, A, E, B6, B12, and an antioxidant blend in each dosage.

Each dose has 25 calories, 25 mg of sodium, and 2 grams carbohydrates. You can take one liquid tube of this Hydrolyzed Collagen daily. Mix one tube with 16 ounces of water and drink it.

Benefits, Dosage, and Side Effects

Here's the benefits, dosage and side effects of liquid collagen.


The intake of Collagen promotes satiety. This way, you feel full, and you eat less. Your daily calorie intake reduces, leading to weight loss. Collagen also helps improve your muscle mass.

Collagen helps reduce fat accumulation in the body. The strength of your joints improves with collagen supplement intake. With more physical activity, your weight loss process gets a boost.

Collagen intake also improves skin elasticity and hydration, which helps reduce wrinkles. The health of your heart, hair, skin and nails also improves with collagen supplement & hyaluronic acid intake.


Research says consuming 2.5 to 15 grams of hydrolyzed Collagen daily is safe. You can start by initially taking 2.5 grams of Collagen and increasing the dosage with time.

Mostly, you get recommended dosage advice from the manufacturer. The amount of collagen varies in each formula. The manufacturer knows what's in the pack so that you can follow the manufacturer's recommended dosage. However, it depends on why you started taking this supplement, and the dosage may vary according to your intentions and goals. Therefore, consult your healthcare provider regarding a preferable collagen supplement and its recommended dosage.

Side Effects

FDA does not regulate collagen supplements. So there is not much evidence about its safety and side effects. As the feeling of fullness increases with the collagen intake, the person may experience a bad taste of mouth and heartburn.

Also, it is assumed that it may contain allergens. We recommend choosing a liquid collagen product that is USP Verified. This way, the manufacturer confirms that the product only has the ingredients mentioned on the label and no harmful containment. USP verification also confirms that the supplement will easily absorb in the body and is made following CGMPs.

Liquid Collagen for Weight Loss FAQs

Does liquid Collagen help you lose weight?

Collagen supplement increases the feeling of fullness, which is known as satiety. This way, your feeling of hunger reduces, and you consume fewer daily calories. Resultantly, your weight reduces with time.

How much Collagen do I need daily to lose weight?

Taking 15 grams of collagen daily helps you lose weight and gain muscles. Also, it increases your muscle strength resulting in weight loss.

Can you lose weight by taking Collagen?

Taking collagen won't melt your body fat instantly. Instead, it supports your post-workout recovery so that you can exercise well. This way, it helps you to lose weight healthily.

Does Collagen speed up metabolism?

Collagen helps you gain muscles by letting you easily absorb essential nutrients. In return, it increases your metabolism.

What is the best time of day to take Collagen?

It depends on why you are taking it. It is best to take collagen on an empty stomach early in the morning for people facing digestive issues. However, to improve your sleep, you can also take collagen before bed.

How long does it take to see results when taking Collagen?

It will take a regular collagen or collagen peptides powder intake of a minimum of 8 to 12 weeks to get the results visible regarding your weight loss, joint health, and healthy skin.

Is it OK to take Collagen every day?

You can take collagen liquid or collagen powder daily. It's non-toxic and safe. There are no adverse effects of the daily intake of collagen.

What happens when you start taking Collagen?

When you start taking collagen, grass fed bovine (cows), it gradually improves your skin and works against the signs of aging. Your bone density increases, you experience joint, knee, and back pain reduction, and you start losing weight.

What happens when you stop taking collagen supplements?

The body synthesizes collagen naturally. That's why the benefits your body experiences during collagen intake will fade with time. However, there will be no side effects of not taking collagen supplements.

Does Collagen make your hair grow?

The potential benefits of taking marine collagen include the improvement in your scalp and have healthy hair. Resultantly, your hair grows better.

Final Word

We have discussed the best liquid collagen for weight loss supplements with you. Our chosen liquid collagen options are the ones we trust the most. The results will not be visible in a few days when you start taking this supplement, so keep patience.

Take the recommended collagen supplement dosage daily, and you will experience its benefits in no time. Also, don't overdose on affordable collagen supplements, as your body produces them naturally. Overdosage may lead to some harmful circumstances in the long run.

Don't wait, get ready to receive the outstanding benefits today!