It can be hard to get all the essential amino acids your body needs from food alone.

Not getting all of the essential amino acids your body needs can have some consequences for your health.

Supplementing with a good EAA supplement is an easy way to make sure you're getting all of the amino acids you need. We've gathered 5 of the best EAA supplements that have all nine of the essential amino acids, plus added bonus ingredients for optimal health.

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How We Select The Best

Do you want to be sure you're getting enough amino acids?

A healthy diet is essential, but sometimes it's not enough. That's why quality nutritional supplements are so important. Scroll down to find which of the best EAA supplement is for you!

Taking a quality EAA supplement can help ensure that you're getting all the amino acids your body needs. Not only will this help keep you healthy, but it can also help improve your mood and digestion.

Purchase your preferred EAA supplement today!

Full-Spectrum EAA Supplement

NutraBio Alpha EAA

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What's the Big Deal?

NutraBio Alpha EAA takes essential amino acid supplements to a whole new level. This unique formula goes beyond the traditional EAA supplement by infusing 8.2 grams of EAAs with a nootropic twist for enhanced performance, recovery, and overall health support. What makes this product special is its simple yet powerful ingredients profile which provides you with an exact amount of each ingredient so you know exactly what’s going into your body.

NutraBio is known for providing both quality and transparency in their products so that supplement shoppers can be knowledgeable and well-informed when making their choices. Unlike other brands, NutraBio Alpha EAA has an easily recognizable list of ingredients that ensures there is no guesswork when it comes to fueling your body with the right nutrition it needs to perform at optimal levels. Invest in your health and performance today with NutraBio Alpha EAA!

What You Should Know

NutraBio's Alpha EAA adds an extra kick with the addition of nootropics, adaptogens and hydrating agents. This blend packs ergogenic power designed to support your workout performance!

NutraBio has always kept ahead in the game by innovating their products; so many anticipate big things from Alpha EAA given its highly anticipated arrival on shelves. Longtime fans have experienced this brand’s ability to keep up pace with consumer interests due to their Intra Impact full range mix.

Patched Up Amino

Granite Essential Aminos

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What's the Big Deal?

Granite Essential Aminos is a top-of-the-line full spectrum amino acid supplement designed for men and women eager to reach their fitness goals. With an optimal blend of BCAAs and all essential amino acids (EAAs), their formula will give you the edge you need to perform better, recover faster, and build muscle more effectively.

Scientifically formulated to rapidly rehydrate your body, Granite Supplements EAAs are balanced with just the right amount of electrolytes so your post-workout recovery happens quickly no matter how intense your activity was. Put simply, Granite Essential Aminos provides everything you need to help reach your fitness goals: maximize your performance, fuel advanced recovery, and help build more muscle.

What You Should Know

Granite Essential Aminos' blend helps stimulate protein anabolism, a process that contributes to muscle growth and recovery. Plus, it includes BCAAs for reducing exercise-induced soreness—so you can feel good while looking great. And their advanced electrolyte complex will replenish any lost fluids after a sweaty session of training or cardio.

Natural Product Combination

Dymatize All9 Amino

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What's the Big Deal?

Improve your athletic performance and muscle recovery while giving your body a powerful boost of essential nutrients with Dymatize All9 Amino. Their supplement contains 7.2g of Expanded Chain Amino Acids (BCAA supplements), 10g of Essential Amino Acids, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin C.

This carefully crafted formula will help support muscle growth, aid in the healing process, and provide you with energy and immune system support. Plus, it's free from gluten and non-GMO ingredients. There are no artificial colors or sugars added so you can rest assured that our product does not contain any unnecessary additives. With Dymatize All9 Amino, get unbeatable energy levels and unparalleled nutrition in one single supplement!

What You Should Know

Dymatize has been a leader in the supplement industry for many years, and its products can be found at top retailers worldwide. The company's latest formula - All 9 Amino – stands out from the competition as it contains 10 grams of essential amino acids (EAAs) and 200 milligrams of organic coconut water powder per serving.

Not only is this powerful nutrient combination beneficial to overall health, energy levels, stress management and more; but also helps keep you hydrated during intense workouts!

Energy Exercise Serving

RSP AminoLean

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What's the Big Deal?

RSP AminoLean Recovery is the go-to vegan supplement for supporting post workout recovery and muscle repair. This powdered product contains all nine Essential Amino Acids and an optimal 2:1:1 ratio of branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) to quickly recover your body, build endurance, and promote muscle synthesis.

Whether you need a pre or post workout drink, this free allergen and sugar free formula will improve breakdown of macronutrients, prevent muscle wastage, strength performance, increase energy levels, and reduce fatigue—all without any artificial colors. With a light flavor that's easy to mix into juices and smoothies, RSP AminoLean Recovery is the perfect addition for any active lifestyle.

What You Should Know

With RSP AminoLean Recovery, you'll get more than just a regular hydration boost! It's formulated with an exclusive blend of natural electrolytes and 72 trace minerals to quickly replenish those lost during lean muscle growth. Plus, it features Vitamin C, D & Zinc alongside Reishi Mushroom for extra daily immune support - helping give your body the immunity boost it needs post-workout.

Protein Mix

NOW Sports Amino-9 Essentials

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What's the Big Deal?

NOW Sports Amino-9 Essentials is a perfect supplement for adults aged 19 and over to optimize protein synthesis and tissue repair. From exercising to releasing toxins, our body needs essential amino acids that are not produced by the body itself. Amino-9 Essentials contains precisely the right proportion of all 9 essential amino acids that are recommended by National Academy of Sciences in superior free-form state.

This helps our bodies to maintain overall health, build muscle mass with intense workouts, promote digested health and enhance immune functions. Investigated in detail with the latest technology, NOW Sports Amino-9 Essentials provides exactly what people need for improved energy, cognition and physical performance.

What You Should Know

Trust in the purity and effectiveness of NOW Sports products - rigorously tested to meet National Academy of Sciences standards. Recommended for athletes 19 years and old, they come with NPA A-rated GMP certification guaranteeing an upstanding manufacturing process including comprehensive testing methods.

Benefits, Dosage, and Side Effects

Here's the benefits, dosage and side effects of EEA supplements.


For those looking to build muscle, amino acids are essential. Not only do they make up crucial components of proteins which feed and support our muscles, but they can also be acquired through food sources - though often in insufficient quantities for maximum benefit. Supplements provide the additional boost needed to unlock your bodybuilding potential!

EAAs are essential components to optimal human health. Serving as key aids in protein synthesis, EAAs are responsible for creating firm skin and nails, glands, muscle tissue and ligaments within the body. In order to ensure your own stores of these vital compounds remain fully stocked for maximum benefit, be sure you're consuming enough foods rich in glutamine - such as eggs or cheese - plus additional sources like acetyl L-Carnitine , arginine and Glutathione.


For optimal results, it's important to use dietary supplements correctly. With essential amino acids (EAAs), you should take them daily - before, during or after exercise on training days and at any point in the day on rest days – but never as a substitute for meals. To get the most out of taking EAAs, be sure to maintain a nutritious diet alongside your supplementation regimen.

Side Effects

Amino acids can be beneficial to your body, but it's important that you consult with a healthcare professional before consuming them. Doing so will allow you to avoid potential undesirable effects and complications related any current medical conditions or medications in which they may interact adversely.

Additionally, pregnant or nursing women should particularly exercise caution when taking these supplements as their delicate state could cause health difficulties if not properly monitored.

EAA Supplement FAQs

What are amino acids?

Amino acids are essential for a multitude of bodily processes, from muscle building to recovery. They're the key players in this process; they act as structural blocks that enable protein synthesis and ensure our muscles can function properly - especially after intense exercise!

How to use your EAA supplement?

EAAs are typically taken daily, both during training days and rest days. Doing so can help ensure that they work their best for your health goals.

What are the best dietary sources of essential amino acids?

Eating a balanced diet is essential to ensure adequate consumption of all nine essential amino acids. But if you're looking for alternative options due to food sensitivities or lifestyle choices, there are plenty of plant-based sources that provide an array nutrients!

From legumes and grains, nuts & seeds as well as certain vegetables - these can help meet your daily nutritional needs without relying on animal proteins like meat, eggs and poultry.

What are EAAs good for?

EAAs are building blocks that create proteins which make up tissues, organs and muscles - plus they act as a powerful liver function booster while also improving neurotransmitter performance in the brain!

What is better EAA or BCAA?

BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) are perfect for those who get their full daily protein intake, while EAAs provide the boost needed by athletes with lower levels. Both supplements can help you reach your fitness goals quickly and safely.

Does EAA boost testosterone?

Supplementing with Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) has been shown to reduce cortisol and increase testosterone levels - an amazing double-punch of greater hormonal balance in the body.

Does EAA burn fat?

Taking in additional Dietary Protein and essential amino acids required can be beneficial for fat loss as it triggers an increase in metabolism known as diet-induced thermogenesis. This metabolic surge lasts 2 hours after a meal or EAA supplement, helping the body burn more calories efficiently.

Is EAA better than creatine?

Amino acids are a key component in muscle protein synthesis, so much so that their absence can limit the effectiveness of creatine for enhancing lean mass gains. Be sure to include them as part and parcel when strengthening your body!

Should I take EAAs on rest days?

On your rest days, take advantage of the extra time to promote even greater recovery with amino acids. These handy nutrients help rebuild muscles and recover from muscle soreness by creating new proteins and locking in glycogen for energy stores plus protecting them against catabolic agents that arise after intense exercise!

Does EAA cause insulin spike?

EAAs provide a balanced, comprehensive nutrient boost that helps the body perform at its best without elevating insulin levels.

How do EAAS make you feel?

EAA supplements are the ultimate mood and sleep enablers! Containing tryptophan, an essential amino acid which helps produce serotonin -the "feel-good" neurotransmitter that's key for a happy disposition.

Final Word

It's important to remember that getting all of your essential amino acids is vital for optimal health. It can sometimes be difficult to get them naturally from food sources and when that's the case a quality EAA supplement is needed. We've given you five reliable and best EAA supplements which are sure to help you stay healthy.

What's even more exciting is that these supplements come loaded with tasty flavors, much like in Jacked Factory EAA surge! The nutrients and health benefits are there waiting for you to unlock them, so don't wait any longer. Get ready to experience the diverse advantages that essential amino acid supplement have to offer; the time for healthy living is now!