Unfortunately, our hair often falls victim to the toll that aging, environmental toxins, and stress can take. Thinning hair, dry scalp, and breakage can make you lose hope for healthier hair.

If you give in to the doom of thinning and dryness, your confidence fades. Worse yet, your scalp health is in danger of deteriorating further if left without nourishment.

But don't worry – best collagen for hair growth offers all your needs to promote healthy skin, hair and nails. These supplements support your scalp's hair follicles while improving shine and thickness of your hair. Plus, it provides additional benefits like strengthened joints and improved memory and gut health!

We've curated a list of top-quality products below that we're confident you'll love. Our editors have independently selected each one, and although some have been sent to us as samples, all opinions in this article are our own. We want to be transparent with you and let you know that FlairFindings may earn a commission or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to make a purchase. This is how we sustain our business & content flow. Additionally, we have edited reviews for length and clarity. We hope you enjoy discovering your new favorite item!

How We Select The Best

Are you looking for the best collagen supplement to promote hair growth?

We've done the legwork for you and scoured the market for top-grade quality collagen. We've also searched through customer reviews to ensure that it is a well-established brand with successful results.

These blends contain additional beneficial ingredients such as vitamins and minerals – all designed to help you maximize your hair growing potential. You'll love knowing that each formula offers plenty nourishment for your hair's needs to reach its fullest length and thickness!

Explore the best collagen supplements for optimal hair growth today!

Best Hair Growth Formula

Hair Growth Vitamins by Primal Harvest

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What's the Big Deal?

Are you consistently struggling to keep your hair's health strong and strong? If you are, then Primal Harvest Hair Growth Vitamins are the answer for you! These high-quality pure supplements are unparalleled in terms of providing exceptional collagen, zinc, and biotin that nourish your hair, increasing its strength from the scalp to the roots till the ends.

Their vitamins also contain Vitamin B6 that enhances the volume of your hair and thickens them up. What's more? The horsetail extracts contain silica that increases your hair's shine, making it look fuller and healthier than ever before! Experience a noticeable difference in your hair health with regular use of Primal Harvest Hair Growth Vitamins—designed to make sure you feel good about yourself. Get glowing with Primal Harvest today!

What You Should Know

Primal Harvest's Hair Growth Vitamins come in a bottle of 60 dietary supplement capsules.

Each serving size is two capsules, providing 200 mg of Vitamin C, which is vital for collagen synthesis, 300 mg of Niacin, 2 mg of Vitamin B6, 4000 mcg of biotin, 15 mg of pantothenic acid, 35 mg of calcium, 20 mg of zinc, 1.6 mg of copper, 25 mg of horsetail extract, and 3 mg of silicon. The manufacturer assures that the supplement is free from gluten and GMOs.

Best Marine Collagen

Purify Life Collagen Gummies

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What's the Big Deal?

If you're looking to feel your best, Purify Life Collagen Gummies are here to help! Each gummy packs a powerful punch of essential nutrients of marine collagen peptides that support hair growth, skin health, and so much more! This special formula is designed to help reduce inflammation in the body - a common culprit behind joint pain and weakened nails.

From faster muscle mass gains with your workouts to stronger bones and healthier skin with fewer open pores, these gummies have it all! And best of all, they taste great too! The natural orange flavor is sure to delight. No artificial ingredients here - just 100% pure nutrition for a happier, healthier you. Try Purify Life Collagen Gummies today and experience the difference yourself!

What You Should Know

Purify Life Collagen Gummies is a non-GMO, vegan, and halal supplement that's free from gelatin, soy, dairy, hormones, egg, pesticides, and nuts. Each recommended serving size of two gummies contains 15.4 Kcal, 3.75g carbs, 2.75g sugar, 0.1g protein, 7.5mg sodium, and 100mg of collagen.

The supplement, manufactured in a GMP-certified USA facility, also includes sugar, pectin, sodium, glucose, malt syrup, vegetable oil, citric acid, purple carrot juice, beta carotene, and natural orange flavor.

Best Liquid Collagen Drops

PURE RESEARCH Liquid Biotin & Collagen Hair Growth

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What's the Big Deal?

PURE RESEARCH Liquid Biotin & Collagen Hair Growth provides high-potency collagen in combination with biotin to nourish your hair from the inside and help keep your nails strong. It's also great for boosting skin health!

Boasting a berry flavor that’s sure to make taking it even more enjoyable, their liquid collagen makes digestion easier than pills, capsules, or collagen powder. Not only is it good for hair, but it also helps nourish healthy metabolism and supports the body’s natural functioning. There's no better time than now to try liquid biotin and collagen hair growth by PURE RESEARCH – feel healthier today!

What You Should Know

PURE RESEARCH Liquid Biotin & Collagen Hair Growth is a liquid dietary supplement containing 10,000 mcg of biotin and 15,000 mcg of hydrolyzed collagen in each 1 ml serving. Each bottle contains 60 ml of supplement - equating to either 30 or 60 servings. If you opt to take 2 ml servings, you'll get 20,000 mcg of biotin and 30,000 mcg of hydrolyzed collagen.

This soy-free and gluten-free supplement should be taken atypical meal times and can be easily mixed with water or juice. The formula is enhanced with natural flavors, glycerin, stevia extract, citric acid, and potassium sorbate.

Best Nail Growth

Vital Vitamins Multi Collagen Complex

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What's the Big Deal?

Use Vital Vitamins's Multi Collagen Complex to nourish your body with only the best! This all-in-one product has everything you need to keep your nails shining, hair strong, and skin youthful. With their blend of collagen coming from five unique sources—beef, chicken bone broth, marine, eggshell membrane, and more.

The formula provides type I, II, III, V, and X collagens so that you get the full spectrum of collagen supplements your body needs. Plus, this supplement can help ease joint pain while improving gut health and strengthening bones. Not only will it help keep wrinkles at bay but also absorb quickly for fast results that will have you feeling better in no time!

What You Should Know

Vital Vitamins Multi Collagen Complex is an effective dietary supplement that promotes hair growth. Each serving size of three capsules contains 1600 mg of multi collagen complex, 50 mg of digestive enzyme blend, and gelatin. The non-GMO product is free from gluten, dairy, hormones, and is composed of fish and egg extracts.

Additionally, it's ideal for those on the keto diet and is lab-certified for its quality ingredients. For optimal results, the manufacturer recommends taking the supplement with at least 8 ounces of water.

Best Joint Support

Lipmaxmall Liposomal Collagen + Biotin

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What's the Big Deal?

Lipmaxmall has just the thing to get your engine revved up again. Their Collagen + Biotin is packed with type I and type III collagen, keratin, and biotin - essential nutrients to maintain and promote healthy hair growth as well as keeping your joints strong and skin glowing.

Enjoy improved gut health with this easy-to-swallow soft gel supplement capsule that provides fantastic results. Biotin ensures stronger hair and improved elasticity of the skin thanks to increased tensile strength in the body. Why don't you give our Liposomal Collagen + Biotin a try? Get ready to feel healthier and more energized than ever.

What You Should Know

Lipmaxmall Liposomal Collagen + Biotin is a high-quality dietary supplement that is made in a cGMP-certified USA facility. Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

The recommended serving size is two capsules, which provides you with 1700 mg of hydrolyzed bovine collagen per serving, 10,000 mg of biotin, 100 mg of collagen boosting blend, and 200 mg of phosphatidylcholine. The formula is also free from gluten and hormones. It is advisable to take this supplement with a meal.

Benefits, Dosage, and Side Effects

Here's the benefits, dosage and side effects of collagen for hair growth.


Collagen supplement provides amino acids that help build strong hair. Keratin, the primary component of hair, is built using amino acids, some of which are found in collagen. By taking collagen supplements, amino acids break down to form protein compounds and keratin.

This helps strengthen hair and fight hair damage caused by free radicals developed due to pollution, stress, poor diet, smoking, alcohol, and other environmental factors. Collagen supplements also improve the health of skin and nails.

Collagen supplement maintains a healthy dermis which reduces hair thinning - a common problem as we age due to less collagen production. Adequate collagen consumption along with hyaluronic acid also improves skin elasticity and slows down graying of hair caused by free radical damage. Collagen supplements improve melanin pigment production that provides hair color. Collagen supplements offer a range of benefits for hair, skin, nails, joints, muscles, and bones.


Different collagen supplement brands have varied formulations and suggested dosages. However, a general recommendation for daily collagen supplement intake ranges from 10 to 30 grams, which can be taken in one or multiple servings, depending on the brand's instructions.

It's recommended to consume collagen supplement with a meal and water, and if you want a more concrete dosage amount for you specifically, speak with a healthcare provider. They can guide you best on the dosage, your health goals, and any previous ailments, allergies, or treatments that may affect the supplement's effectiveness.

Side Effects

Collagen supplement is often tasteless but some may experience nasty aftertaste or digestive issues initially. Serious side effects such as liver abnormalities and anaphylaxis are rare but possible.

In such cases, it is recommended to stop taking supplements and consult a healthcare provider. They can help determine whether the brand, dosage, or supplement itself is the issue.

Collagen for Hair Growth FAQs

This section will answer your common questions about collagen supplements for hair growth.

What's the best collagen for hair growth?

Type I collagen sourced from marine or bovine is rich in amino acid proline and is the best form of collagen for hair growth.

Does collagen help hair growth?

Collagen has anti-aging effects, and one of them is making hair better for thickness and maintaining natural hair color.

Is collagen or biotin better for hair growth?

Collagen makes hair grow better, and biotin supports those healthy growing hair. Both are good for hair, and any of these supplement is the best choice for healthy hair.

Which collagen is best for thinning hair?

Type I collagen is best if you have thin hair. It restores the scalp and dermis skin layer, and its amino acids help against hair thinning.

How much collagen should I take daily for hair loss?

If you face hair loss, you should take 10 to 30 grams of collagen supplement daily. You can take this dosage at once or split it into three servings according to the recommendation of your healthcare provider.

Can you take biotin and collagen together?

Biotin and collagen are both suitable for healthy hair, and their combination is an excellent option if you aim to get healthy hair.

Is it OK to take collagen every day?

It is safe to take collagen daily when the dosage is within the prescribed limits.

How long after taking collagen will hair grow?

When you take collagen supplements daily, your hair growth will visibly improve after three to six months.

What is the best time to take collagen for hair growth?

Taking collagen supplements in the morning with meals and water is best.

Does collagen make hair grow fast?

Collagen supplements improve the health of the scalp and hair; resultantly, hair grows faster and becomes strong and shiny.

Final Word

Aging, environmental toxins, and stress can take their toll on your hair, it's not impossible to recover the health of your scalp and your hair. Collagen for hair growth may be the perfect way to nourish your scalp as well as improving the shine and thickness of your hair. Best of all, they offer a wide range of additional health benefits like reinforced joints and even improved memory.

So why delay, give yourself a fighting chance to get healthier looking hair despite the negative effects that age, environment, and stress can have? Don't wait any longer - make the effort to improve your world by giving yourself healthier skin, nails, and enhanced hair with best collagen for hair growth today!