Carnosine is synthesized in the body using beta-alanine and histidine. Since there is an abundance of histidine in the bloodstream, taking beta-alanine will contribute to higher carnosine levels in the cells.

This potent essential amino acids has been shown to increase strength and stamina in performance athletes and boosting brain activity & energy levels.

Beta-Alanine is a precursor to carnosine - which means the amount of carnosine in your muscles is limited by the amount of beta-alanine. This is important because if you have more carnosine in your muscles they can work harder and longer - the effects are similar to creatine.

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How We Select The Best

We strive to offer you the best beta alanine supplement that delivers real results. To achieve this, we prioritize high-quality forms of beta alanine that have undergone clinical testing.

Additionally, we make sure the supplement contains a minimum of 3.2 grams of beta alanine per serving to enhance exercise performance significantly. We also focus our attention to the supplement's absorption and potency as these factors can affect the effectiveness.

By adhering to these standards & criteria, we introduce to you reliable and effective beta alanine supplements.

Nutricost Beta-Alanine Capsules

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What's the Big Deal?

Nutricost Beta-Alanine is the perfect choice if you're looking for an ultra-pure form of beta-alanine. This quality one-ingredient supplement is produced in a GMP/FDA–enrolled facility to ensure optimum purity and safety. Each capsule contains a generous 850 mg of beta-alanine, giving you the exact amount you need with every serving.

By using Nutricost Beta Alanine, you can improve your exercise performance and muscle endurance so that you can squeeze out those extra workouts each week.

What You Should Know

Nutricost Beta-Alanine is an amazing supplement option for anyone looking to get the most out of their workouts. This 60 serving bottle is packed with a total of 3400mg of quality beta-alanine designed to stack with your pre-exercise supplement.

Each serving consists of four capsules to be taken in easy-to-swallow form - now you can benefit from enhanced energy, improved performance, and more strength without sacrificing convenience.

NOW Sports Nutrition

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What’s the Big Deal?

NOW Sports Nutrition are committed to bringing you the purest and most effective sports nutrition products to help you reach your goals. Their pure beta-alanine supplement provides endurance for tough workouts and is scientifically proven to delay muscle fatigue - making it perfect for maximizing your results.

It contains no added sugar, colorings or artificial ingredients, so you can trust that what you're getting is completely natural.

What You Should Know

NOW Sports Nutrition suggests to take 3 capsules with water up to 2-3 times daily with a two hour window in between doses. It uses the highest quality ingredients and has a NPA A-rated GMP certification meaning that every aspect of the NOW manufacturing process has been examined, including their laboratory/testing methods for stability, potency, and product formulation. It's also packaged in the USA for added safety.

PrimaForce Beta Alanine

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What’s the Big Deal?

PrimaForce Beta-Alanine's top-of-the-line powder provides 200 grams of pure beta alanine, making it an ideal supplement for long term use.

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, athlete, or weekend warrior, this premium product is designed specifically to help your muscles work harder and longer during strenuous activity. Its a tasteless powder so you can add into any pre-workout shake or drink mix of your choosing.

What You Should Know

PrimaForce takes great pride in ensuring that each of their products are lab-tested for purity and strength, allowing you to use it with confidence. Their product is proudly made in the USA and comes with 2000 mg of beta alanine per serving and 100 servings per container.

Additionally, customer feedback has shown that PrimaForce beta alanine has amazing mixing capabilities and superior results when compared to others on the market.


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What’s the Big Deal?

BulkSupplements Beta Alanine powder is a great way for anyone, regardless of age or fitness level, to start on their health and fitness journey. This supplement comes without any fillers, additives or artificial flavors, so you can be sure you will get the most out of your workout routines.

Additionally, it contains no gluten, dairy, soy, or added sugars. With Bulk Supplements Beta Alanine powder in your daily regimen, you’ll find that it helps enhance performance and muscle maintenance when combined with other supplements such as BCAA. Not only that but it also reduces fatigue and helps metabolize energy efficiently throughout the body.

What You Should Know

Every product from BulkSupplements is manufactured according to cGMP Standards and third-party tested, ensuring consumers receive only quality products that not only meet expectations, but also surpass them. With a wide variety of products ranging from essential proteins and vitamins to performance-enhancing items such as branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and creatine.

Whether your goal is increased muscle mass, strength gains, reductions in body composition, improved performance or general health benefits - BulkSupplements has the products you need.

Optimum Nutrition Beta-Alanine

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What's the Big Deal?

Optimum Nutrition Beta-Alanine is a top-notch supplement that can help take your workout and muscle recovery to the next level. It contains a perfect combination of recuperation-promoting compounds including 3200 mg of beta-alanine, histidine, as well as magnesium.

These ingredients work together to support muscle strength and endurance for optimal performance during exercise and accelerate recovery afterward. No harmful ingredients are included, so you can be sure this powder is free from any unwelcome surprises. With Optimum Nutrition carnosyn beta alanine, you can unlock your athleticism with confidence!

What You Should Know

Optimum Nutrition Beta-Alanine helps with intramuscular buffering support, designed specifically to increase carnosine synthesis in order to increase your endurance throughout your workouts for optimal performance.

It is also completely sugar-free, so you can rest assured that it isn't adding any unwanted calories to your diet. Plus, Optimum Nutrition Beta-Alanine comes in a powdered form that is easy to dissolve into any of your favorite drinks or shakes.

Benefits, Dosage, and Side Effects

Beta alanine has benefits and side effects just like any other supplement. Let's discuss them along with their recommended dosage.


Beta-alanine is a fantastic addition to your fitness regimen! Not only does it increase exercise capacity and decrease muscle fatigue, but its also a powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system as well as naturally occurring amino acid throughout the body.

To take advantage of these positive effects, you can find beta-alanine in foods rich with carnosines or by taking nutrition beta alanine supplements as needed.


Beta-alanine is a key ingredient to increasing muscle carnosine levels, and taking 3-6 grams per day can help with that. However an even greater effect could be achieved by consuming it alongside a meal for optimal absorption.

Side Effects

Excessive consumption of beta-alanine can lead to paraesthesia, an uncomfortable feeling in the face, neck and hands. To avoid it while still reaping its benefits - such as improving exercise performance - take small doses (0.8 – 1.6g) regularly instead of one large dose at once!

Another thing to be aware of is that a decrease in taurine levels may occur due to competition with beta-alanine for absorption into your muscles; however rest assured, there are no harmful effects associated beta alanine.

Beta Alanine FAQs

Are there any side effects to taking beta-alanine?

Certain people who take beta alanine supplementation might encounter effects like shivering, flushing, and tingling. If you experience any of these secondary effects, suspend use and talk with a medical physician.

Is it worth taking beta-alanine?

Beta-alanine diminishes muscle exhaustion, which is valuable to competitors and those looking to get faster results when performing exercises.

Does beta-alanine assist with building muscle?

As referenced, beta alanine dosage can assist you with acquiring bulk by decreasing fatigue, implying that you can get in longer workout sessions.

Is beta-alanine great for weight loss?

Beta-alanine might further develop weight loss results by upgrading exercise performance. Numerous results have shown that beta-alanine increases lean muscle and reducing fat.

Can I take beta-alanine consistently?

Beta-alanine is created to be taken consistently, and you will encounter the most remarkable advantages of beta-alanine if taken routinely within the recommend dosages.

Could beta-alanine cause hives?

Beta-alanine can create an irritation sensation, although it has not been associated with hives. The bothersome or shivering sensation can cause it to feel like you have hives, although no examples of hives have been recorded for.

Is beta-alanine a pre workout?

Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid and one of the most common ingredients in pre-workout formulas. The effects of beta-alanine supplementation range from increased strength gains, improved physical performance, and increased endurance.

Does beta-alanine raise testosterone?

While beta-alanine has proven effects on the body's stamina, it has not been directly linked to any changes in testosterone levels.

What is beta-alanine vs creatine?

Creatine is more commonly used to increase skeletal muscle strength and size, while Beta-Alanine is more commonly used to improve endurance, aerobic exercise, and reduce muscle fatigue. It is also possible to use both dietary supplements together, as some studies have suggested that they may have a synergistic effect.

Final Word

Lifting weights and various aerobic and anaerobic activities cause our bodies to have lactic acid accumulation and become more acidic due to the large number of hydrogen ions that are produced.

This increase in hydrogen causes our pH to drop. As muscle pH drops, the ability of our muscles to perform at their highest level decreases & muscle fatigue starts to appear. If you are unable to perform and maintain muscular contractions and push yourself to your limit, then the ability to continually overload muscles and force new gains becomes seriously hindered.

The best beta alanine supplement works by increasing muscle carnosine synthesis levels. Performance benefits usually occur in as little as two weeks, although not all people are the same, it may take up to 3-4 weeks to experience the benefits. The best beta-alanine will help you increase strength, power output, energy, endurance, exercise capacity, and muscle mass.