A lot of people don't know what the best gym shoes for them are.

You might think that all workout shoes are basically the same, but that's not true. Different shoes work better for different kinds of workouts and exercises.

We've created a list of the best workout shoes for men, based on what type of workouts they are good for. Whether you're into crossfit, weightlifting or running we've got you covered.

We've curated a list of top-quality products below that we're confident you'll love. Our editors have independently selected each one, and although some have been sent to us as samples, all opinions in this article are our own. We want to be transparent with you and let you know that FlairFindings may earn a commission or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to make a purchase. This is how we sustain our business & content flow. Additionally, we have edited reviews for length and clarity. We hope you enjoy discovering your new favorite item!

How We Select The Best

Looking for the best workout shoes for men?

We’ve done the research to find the best workout shoes for men. Our list is based on customer feedback and includes only the highest-quality products.

We want to help you find the perfect pair of workout shoes that will last through all your workouts. With our information, you can make an informed decision about which shoes are right for you.

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New Balance 990 V5

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What's The Big Deal?

New Balance 990 V5 sneakers are a popular product. The company is already at its peak of popularity for its variety of products. This shoe has 50% mesh and 50% synthetic material.

Satisfied customers highly rate these workout sneakers as they're super comfortable with rubber soles. This is a quality product made for any and all workouts.

What You Should Know

These men's gym shoes are light in weight yet durable and reliable. Its protective ankle is for an all-day workout, as its dual-density foam gives your ankle extra coverage and a shock-absorbent surface.

New Balance made these shoes with a durable blown rubber sole that is made to resist daily wear and tear.

Under Armour HOVR Rise 3 Cross Trainer

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What's The Big Deal?

Under Armour HOVR Rise 3 is another stylish and durable workout shoe that is a hot favorite these days due to its grip, comfort, and durability.

The shoe rubber outsole is made of rubber, making it flexible enough to keep the feet comfortable during tough exercise sessions. Its UAHOVR technology maintains the feeling of zero gravity that neutralizes any impact.

What You Should Know

The EVA midsole is perfect with a firm UA HOVR foam is the ideal combination for comfortable performance. They are lightweight, and the upper is mesh abrasion-resistant.

The interior of the shoe is well cushioned, however, they're breathable enough to keep the feet aerated and dry. The laces give a very good grip. In short, these workout shoes are a real deal to grab when you go for a workout.

Reebok Nano X2 Cross Trainer

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What's The Big Deal?

These Reebok Nano X2 cross-trainer workout shoes are a popular product for workout enthusiasts. The shoe are stylish and versatile, perfect for squats, burpees, or combination action sessions.

These perfect training sneakers feature a knit, breathable upper surface with integrated support that enhances the flexibility for multi-directional movements. Its inside sole has the finish of energy foam, making it lightweight and enhancing running and training performance.

What You Should Know

These Reebok Nano X2 cross trainers offer reliable traction through a featured rubber sole with patterns to make them more athletics-styled shoes. That ensures stability and performance during exhausting workouts and games.

So if you are seriously aiming to meet your workout goals, you don't want to miss this product. Grab a pair and enjoy your workout sessions with eagerness and energy.

ALTRA AL0A546V Cross Training Shoe

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What's The Big Deal?

Altra cross training shoe interior has cushioning to protect the toe, heel, and arch. Upper is made from engineered mesh upper that makes it breathable and lightweight, a perfect fit product for any gym training and workout.

The Altra shoe is a special footwear for gym training, weightlifting, lateral moves, running, and squats. No matter how you carry out your workout sessions, this is one step ahead of any other options.

What You Should Know

Its ultra-wide toe box design supports wide feet people to feel comfortable. The structure of the sneakers is strong.

If you really want to enjoy your workout sessions, this purposeful-built shoe is your next best partner for fast-paced training with many directional and rapid movements. So don't hesitate to pick this product on your next workout session.

FEIYUE FE LO 1920 | White Canvas Shoes

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What's The Big Deal?

FEIYUE FE LO 1920 is a white canvas shoe and the final popular workout shoe on our list. This canvas shoe is made in the USA. Its rubber sole makes it flexible and gives full traction.

Everyone likes these canvas shoes for being reliable and affordable. The fabric quality is unmatchable, while the shoe structure is solid and durable.

What You Should Know

The Canvas shoes are stable, comfortable, and well-liked by members of any age range. They offer more stability and comfort to look more stylish and stay strong during your workout sessions.

This is a fantastic product if you want to enjoy your workout sessions. The insole of the shoes is replaceable, and you can wash them in the machine.

Workout Shoes for Men FAQs

How should workout shoes be?

Workout shoes should be very comfortable and provide full support to the feet. They should be able to support any kind of exercise your going to perform. Running shoes must come with cushioning for cardio and trainers like stability. Be careful about the toe depth and cushions at the heel and toe so that they fit your feet.

What shoes are best when working out legs?

The lightweight shoes are best for legs workout as if the shoes are heavy, they will make the legs tired and exhaustive. An average weight lifter will prefer a simple pair of the best cross training shoes. A running shoe will be good for those focusing on running for cardio or running exercises.

Should workout shoes be flat?

For weightlifting shoes, no cushioned sole is best. However, the best thing is to have a flat base to provide a stable balance. This stable flat base will give you the freedom to do various activities such as square, jump, run, and much more.

Should workout shoes be tight or loose?

The workout shoes should fit feet for maximum comfort, like in a Nike mc trainer shoe. The toe must fit properly, meaning there should be a thumb-width space between the toe and the end of the shoe. Further, the arch area and heel should be fit but not too tight to squeeze the foot.

How do you know that your workout shoes are too big?

As mentioned earlier, an easy gym shoe must have a gap of one thumb. So if you can slide a finger between the shoe and the feet easily then the shoe just fits; however, if the space is even more, then the shoe is bigger than your size, and you might want to get a smaller size.

How should running shoes fit?

The running shoe fitting should be snug fitting throughout the foot, maintaining some room at the toe area. A shoe that is comfortable at the heel, arch area, and toe.

Final Word

The best workout shoes are specific shoes that fit your feet comfortably. They have cushioning at places where the feet arches need extra support. Don't ignore your footwear if you're going to do daily workouts, as they will be your most trusted gym companion.