Looking for the best golf shoes for walking that won't wear you out?

We know that finding the best golf shoes for walking can be tough. Therefore, we've put together this selection of the most comfortable golf shoes for walking on the market today. We'll discuss the benefits and features of each option so that you can make an informed decision before making your purchase.

Whether you're looking for a new pair of shoes to take your game to the next level or just want something comfortable and durable for those walks on the course, we've got you covered. Check out our list of the most comfortable golf shoes for walking and find the perfect pair for you today!

We've curated a list of top-quality products below that we're confident you'll love. Our editors have independently selected each one, and although some have been sent to us as samples, all opinions in this article are our own. We want to be transparent with you and let you know that FlairFindings may earn a commission or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to make a purchase. This is how we sustain our business & content flow. Additionally, we have edited reviews for length and clarity. We hope you enjoy discovering your new favorite item!

How We Select The Best

You want to go golfing and decided to walk the course, but you're not sure what kind of shoes you should have standard or premium golf shoes.

The best golf shoes that are versatile and can be worn both on and off the green are hard to come by. Most comfortable golf shoes are either too stiff for everyday wear or too casual for use on the green.

Our team has found a great list the best golf shoes for you that are both versatile and comfortable. Keep scrolling to discover what we found and get ready to tee off!

Best Overall

Adidas Tech Response

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What's the Big Deal

The Adidas Tech Response 4.0 is perfect for warm weather rounds. Made with a breathable upper layer, this shoe will keep your feet cool and comfortable, when you're walking the course or pursing to become a golf elite.

And thanks to its light weight construction, the Tech Response won't add any extra strain on your feet - meaning you'll feel just as fresh at the end of your round as you did at the beginning.

So don't let the heat slow you down - grab a pair of Adidas Tech Response golf shoes for walking and keep your game going strong all season long.

What You Should Know

The six-fang spikes on the bottom of the sole help to grip the ground, even on wet or slippery surfaces. The EVA insole provides additional stability, preventing missteps and helping to keep your feet firmly planted.

The spiked golf shoe design also helps to increase traction, making it easier to maintain your balance throughout your swing.

The golf shoe is not waterproof, but they are breathable and comfortable. With a rounded toe for a larger landing area, Adidas's new golf shoe offers both style and function.

Best Stylish Comfort

FootJoy Fj Originals

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What's the Big Deal

These shoes are made with fully synthetic construction and a classic saddle-shoe style that will never go out of fashion. Plus, they're waterproof and have excellent traction, making them perfect for any activity.

And the best part? The more you wear them, the more comfortable they become and feel like a golf elite. With all these amazing features, the FootJoy Fj Originals are a great value that you won't want to miss out on!

What You Should Know

They have classic good looks and are waterproof, making them ideal for playing in wet conditions. The shoes are also remarkably lightweight, thanks to the use of synthetic materials rather than leather.

In addition, the mesh provides extra room in the toe and forefoot area, while the FootJoy EVA Fit-Beds insoles offer cushioning and support. The shoes also feature alternative spikes and sharp, tacky traction nubs all along the sole, making them shoes for walking on both well-groomed courses and more rugged terrain.

Best Cushioning

PUMA Proadapt Alphacat

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What's the Big Deal

Check out the PUMA Proadapt Alphacat! These shoes for walking are soft and responsive, providing a molded fit for long-lasting comfort and support. The cushioning feels great while walking around, making them perfect for those long days on the course.

And with their stylish design, you'll be turning heads while you tee off. So don't wait any longer, and pick up a pair of PUMA Proadapt Alphacats today!

What You Should Know

These shoes for walking feature a proprietary foam that provides stable cushioning and impact resistance, while the engineered mesh upper provides support and structure.

The spikeless outsole provides durability and grip, and the multiple lugs provide traction on any terrain. Whether you're looking for a versatile shoe that can perform in any situation or you're simply seeking the best possible performance when on the golf course.

Best for Durability

New Balance Breeze V2

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What's the Big Deal

Looking for a versatile and durable golf shoe? The New Balance Breeze V2 has you covered! Its welded forefoot water-guard provides extra protection against the elements, while its rubber sole ensures long-lasting wear.

Plus, its revolutionary insole foam offers ultra soft and responsive cushioning, making it perfect for everyday wear on the golf course.

What You Should Know

New Balance has always been a leader in performance footwear, and the new Breeze V2 is no exception. Built from 100% synthetic materials, it offers superior breathability and support on the entire shoe while still being light enough to provide a responsive feel.

The REVlite midsole provides excellent cushioning and energy return, while the NDurance outsole ensures durability and traction on all surfaces. Plus, with the CUSH+ insole, you'll enjoy all-day comfort whether you're on the golf course or on the trail they are definitely shoes for walking.

Best for Sensitive Feet

FootJoy Pro/Sl

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What's the Big Deal

This golf shoe is perfect for walking and playing, thanks to its high-quality construction and terrific traction. Plus, the rounded toe-box provides plenty of room for your foot. And FootJoy's waterproofing process ensures dynamic coverage that repels water and keeps feet dry through any wet condition.

So whether you're playing in sunny weather or dealing with a little mud on the golf course, the FootJoy Pro SL has you covered and a great summer shoe. So don't wait any longer - order your pair today!

What You Should Know

The wide insole helps to reduce friction with each step, and the dynamic waterproofing system always keeps feet dry and completely waterproof.

The exterior of the Pro SL is made from FootJoy’s patented ChromoSkin leather giving the golfer a breathable surface. It has a versatile spikeless outsole that blends two types of foam to hold the foot with stability.

Features To Look For


It may seem pretty clear, but try and ensure you get the proper size for your feet. It's worth checking on styles and noting brand names that run a little smaller or larger. Nike, for example, frequently emerges half a size larger than regular shoe size.


This is completely subjective, but you should ensure you like the appearance of your shoes, and there is a design above for every type of fashion taste. If you prefer a much more traditional look, the FootJoy Fj Originals is a good option, meanwhile the PUMA Proadapt Alphacat is worth considering if you just want to stick out.


These three parts are critical since they enable you to dedicate to golf swings as well as play consistently. When a pair fails to fulfill on these, you may slip, resulting in a poor shot or, worse, an injury. As such a result, several of the models listed above, both spiked and spikeless, have specially made grip shapes and lugs to keep your feet from slipping.


Whenever you intend to move in any and all weather conditions, you will also require a waterproof design. Fortunately, there are some waterproof golf shoes listed above.


Whenever it comes to choosing these shoes, pleasure reigns supreme. We can become forgetful while striding the fairways and greens when we're in an uncomfortable pair, particularly if the unpleasantness creates blisters and scraping. Be aware of designs with specialized foam technologies or sole models that are intended to hold your feet in all-day comfort.


Be fully conscious of your budget, as there is a brand above for individuals at various prices.

Golf Shoes For Walking FAQs

Are golf shoes comfortable for walking?

Golf shoes are designed for walking and provide good cushioning and support. They are typically more comfortable than other types of shoes, such as tennis shoes.

However, some people find that some shoes are too stiff or too tight, which can make them uncomfortable to walk in. If this is the case, it may be helpful to try a different brand or style of golf shoe. Also, be sure to wear socks that are comfortable and fit well inside the golf shoe.

Do pro golfers wear spikeless golf shoes?

Yes, pro golfers do wear spikeless golf shoes. The main benefit of a spikeless shoe is that they offer more comfort and stability than traditional golf shoe with spikes.

This is because the best spikeless golf shoes have rubber soles that provide better traction than spikes, which can cause slipping on wet or uneven surfaces. Additionally, the lack of spikes makes them less likely to damage turf surfaces.

Do golf shoes make a difference in performance?

There is a lot of debate on the matter, but many people believe that golf shoes make a difference in performance. Different types of shoes offer different benefits- for example, a stylish spikeless golf shoe provide more traction and stability than traditional golf shoe with spikes.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what feels most comfortable to you. Some players swear by one type of shoe or another, while others find that any type of golf shoes works just fine for them.

How do I choose golf shoes?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best golf shoes for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing golf shoes.

First, consider the type of terrain you'll be playing on most often. If you are going to play on soft ground, you'll want shoes with spikes or cleats that can provide traction. If you're mostly playing on firm ground, spiked shoes may not be necessary.

Second, think about the climate in which you'll be playing most often. If it's hot and sunny, you'll want shoes that offer good ventilation.

How often should you replace golf shoes?

While there is no definitive answer to this question, most professional golfers agree that you should replace your golf shoes every six to eight months to maintain your natural motion. Of course, this depends on how often you play and the condition of your shoes.

At the end of the day, it’s important to listen to your body and trust your instincts. If your shoes are starting to feel uncomfortable or look worn down, it’s probably time for a new pair. Additionally, pay attention to any changes in your swing or footing.

Should golf shoes be stiff?

There is no definitive answer to this question. The best golf shoes can be stiff or flexible, depending on the individual's preferences and needs.

Some golfers prefer stiffer shoes because they feel like they have more control over their swing, while others prefer more flexible shoes that allow them to move around more easily on the golf course. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

Why should I buy golf shoes?

Golf shoes provide stability and traction, which are important for the golf swing. The best golf shoes have specially designed soles that provide stability and traction when you swing.

This is especially important on wet or slippery surfaces, which can cause you to lose your balance and interfere with your swing. Comfortable golf shoes are also lightweight and breathable, which helps keep your feet comfortable throughout your round.

Do I need golf shoes as a beginner?

There's no strict rule that states you need golf shoes as a beginner. However, most people find it helpful to wear comfortable golf shoe when they're starting out because they provide more stability and traction than regular shoes. This is especially important if you're playing on wet surfaces and want the best golf shoes.

If you're not too concerned about having the best possible grip and stability, then you can probably stick with spike less shoes for the time being. Just be cautious of the ground you walk on.

Can you wear golf shoes without spikes?

You can wear modern golf shoes for walking without spikes, but they won't have the same level of traction as shoes with spikes. The best golf shoes come with either metal or plastic spikes, which help to provide traction and stability when playing on the golf course.

However, if you don't want to wear spikes for whatever reason, you can still add spike less golf shoes to your golf equipment, but they will be less effective in terms of providing traction.

Most golfers choose to wear spiked shoes when the ground is wet because it helps them keep their balance, prevents slipping, and maintain their natural shape. But on dry surfaces, there's really no need to wear a golf shoe with spikes.

Do you want golf shoes to be snug?

It depends. Golf shoes should be snug so that they don't move around on your feet when you swing, but they should also be comfortable enough to wear for an extended period of time.

Some people prefer golf shoes that are a bit tighter, a good example are Skechers golf shoes, so that they don't move around as much, while others prefer shoes that are a bit more loose-fitting.

The key is to find a pair of golf shoes for walking that feel comfortable and snug at the same time. If they're too tight, you might end up with blisters, but if they're too loose, they might come off your feet when you swing.

How long do non cleated golf shoes last?

Even the best golf shoes for walking that are the most durable will only last a few years with regular use. Non-cleated golf shoes for walking are particularly susceptible to wear and tear, since they don't have spikes or any other protrusions to protect the soles.

If you play golf regularly, you can expect to replace your non-cleated shoes every two or three years. Of course, this will vary depending on how often you are playing golf and how well you care for your shoes.

Just like any other type of footwear, storing your best golf shoes for walking in a cool, dry place and keeping them clean will help extend their lifespan.

Final Word

We hope that this article on the best golf shoes for walking was helpful in your search for additional golf equipment. We’ve looked at a variety of different shoes and the features and benefits that come with them.

Hopefully, now you’ve been able to narrow down your search and find the perfect pair of golf shoes for you. All that’s left for you to do now is just click on the button to head over to Amazon. Depending on your needs, any of the items we’ve listed below could be a great selection!

Best Overall

Adidas Tech Response

Best Stylish Comfort

FootJoy Fj Originals

Best Cushioning

PUMA Proadapt Alphacat

Best Durability

New Balance Breeze V2

Best For Sensitive Feet

FootJoy Pro/Sl

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