Flat feet can often lead to discomfort and pain when working out, but you don't have to suffer anymore!

It's not easy finding the right workout shoes if you have flat feet. Most of the time, people with flat feet end up buying shoes that don't offer enough support, which can lead to more pain and discomfort.

In this article, we're going to show you some of the best workout shoes for flat feet that are available on the market.

We've curated a list of top-quality products below that we're confident you'll love. Our editors have independently selected each one, and although some have been sent to us as samples, all opinions in this article are our own. We want to be transparent with you and let you know that FlairFindings may earn a commission or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to make a purchase. This is how we sustain our business & content flow. Additionally, we have edited reviews for length and clarity. We hope you enjoy discovering your new favorite item!

How We Select The Best

Your search for the best workout shoes for flat feet is over!

We’ve done all the research for you and have come up with a list of the five best workout shoes for flat feet.

If you have flat feet, finding good workout shoes can be a real challenge. But not anymore! These shoes are perfect for anyone with flat feet, and they’re sure to help you get the most out of your workouts.

Purchase any of the five best workout shoes for flat feet today!

Under Armour Charged Commit Tr 3

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What's The Big Deal?

Under Armour's Charged Commit Tr 3 are special workout shoes for flat feet. They're made up of cotton and made in the USA. The sole is a synthetic rubber that allows more flexibility. The shoes are light in weight and still is durable enough to withstand wear & tear for a long time.

The external layer consists of mesh material that ensures more stability and breathability. The middle section comes with a saddle to prepare a cushion that eliminates slippage and provides a firm grip.

What You Should Know

The charged cushioning in the middle part of the sole is great for absorbing shock during jumps or any type of quick accelerated movement. When landing your feet & knees experience little punishment due to shock caused on the landing.

Another incredible feature is they have installation of an orthopedic0-like insole for even more protection. Just like other Under Armour products, they're created with high-quality materials for prolonged usage and comfort that may potentially be crowned "the best cross training shoes". So don't miss out on them and grab a pair to promote a stable base for your next workout!

Brooks Beast 20

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What's The Big Deal?

Step into the Brooks Beast 20 and make your cardio exercises a comfortable experience. This shoe provides the perfect combination of support, cushioning and space that runners need from a reliable running shoe.

The generous narrow toe box area adds just the right amount of extra space so your toes can spread out naturally as you move. For perfect stride after stride, slip into the ultimate protection, comfy and stability shoes feel of the Brooks Beast 20 today!

What You Should Know

They're a great option for flat footed runners, made with extra cushioning that makes it extremely comfortable and supportive; hence the pair is an ideal choice for diabetics with a set of acceptance from APMA.

The fitting of the shoes is spacious to fit feet security. The design is modern, and the looks are modest. With breathable mesh layers to keep your feet cool and dry, a full-length footbed of BioMoGo cushioning for maximum shock absorption making Brooks Beast 20 one of the best running shoes out there.

New Balance Fresh Foam 680 V7

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What's The Big Deal?

The New Balance Fresh Foam 680 V7 is here to provide the ultimate comfort for your everyday workouts. This great combination of classic and modern style, just like Nike shoes, allows for a cushioned, lightweight rid. There are no-sew construction elements involved to enhance the fit, feel and aesthetics of this stylish shoe.

Plus, an engineered mesh upper will keep your feet cool while providing proper air circulation. An integrated molded insert adds extra support and cushioning while keeping everything secure in place. Get ready to hit the gym in total comfort with the New Balance Fresh Foam 680 V7!

What You Should Know

The shoes are super lightweight and made from engineered mesh for breathability and sleek fitting. They're also installed with the orthopedic insole, providing extra help and a supper fitting.

You can rest assured knowing the rubber outsole will deliver reliable traction and durability. The molded insert supports the shoe, while the rubber is renowned for durability and traction.

Saucony Echelon 8

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What's The Big Deal?

The Saucony Echelon 8 is the perfect shoe for anyone looking to experience superior comfort and performance. With its new PWRRUN cushioning technology, it ensures an incredibly soft and responsive feel.

Its brand-new lightweight midfoot support panel provides an even more stable foundation while you are on the move. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to take your running game to the next level – invest in a Saucony Echelon 8 today!

What You Should Know

People with flat feet will have no problem finding their perfect fit with the spacious FORMFIT construction of the Echelon 8, featuring a new 3D heel counter for a much more secure feeling hold.

The broad toe box makes it more stable giving you a solid foundation. Its orthotics footbed ensures the feet get the comfort and arch support needed. On top of all that we mentioned , it's made with recycled upper materials for those who are conscious of their environmental impact.

WITHIN Zero Drop Sole Shoe

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What's The Big Deal?

WITHIN is one of our marvelous picks as the product has gathered lots of positive rating awards. The shoe looks graceful and is available in different colors and sizes. The rubber sole in this shoe has a refined design to give it a stylish look.

This shoe features a 5 mm POWER FOOTBED for underfoot cushioning to ensure you stay comfortable with every step. The anatomical shape care for the natural comfort that no other shoe can hope to match. They're flexible & comfortable workout shoes that go great with any activity.

What You Should Know

WITHIN offers a special blend of comfort, support, and style. It has a padded rear collar pad for achilles comfort and an engineered knit upper for a sock-like fit and flexible flat foot feel. Plus, its zero-drop, non-elevated sole is designed to provide optimal posture and balance.

Whether it's conquering the trails or simply walking around town, the WITHIN zero drop sole shoe is sure to deliver a top performance with its sticky-grip rubber outsole that combines grip, traction, and durability. Get ready to take your active lifestyle to new heights in ultimate comfort and style!

Workout Shoes for Flat Feet FAQs

Do people with flat feet need special shoes?

A normal foot has a middle-arched area that a flat foot does not have. If you are a person with flat feet it means you have no arch in the middle of the foot, then what you need is not an arched supported insole, but a custom orthotics insole with an adapted heel support.

Do flat feet need more arch support?

If your flat feet do not hurt and you don't have a choice for special shoes for flat feet, then you might go with shoes with a heel drop, but if not, then you might require an orthopedic device in accordance with the foot's design and structure.

What not to wear with having flat feet?

People with flat feet find it difficult to wear flat shoes like flip-flops or thin soles without heels or extra support at the arched area. Instead, you should always find a pair with maximum compatibility with your feet to continue your daily activity.

Can you rebuild arches in flat feet?

Some people have the problem of a fallen arch or flat feet. That is a decrease in the longitudinal arch that absorbs the landing force of your feet. This arch can be rebuilt by using some exercises to build the arch muscles and strengthen the other active isolated, constant-resistance exercises.

What advantages do flat feet have?

Everything comes in the package of good and evil, so, along with disadvantages, flat feet have some advantages. These feet are less vulnerable to injuries during an exercise or workout. Flat feet can create more flexibility in feet, which is incredible in absorbing the shock compared to high-arched feet.

Final Word

You may not have realized that you can find relief for your flat feet by just choosing the right cross training shoe. Now that you know, don’t wait to start feeling better and more comfortable during your everyday activities and while working out. Give yourself the support you need by picking out a great pair of the best workout shoes for flat feet. So pick out the perfect pair today!