A pair of the best dress shoes is what makes a man’s personality.

No matter how expensive dresses you wear, if a good pair of dress shoes is missing, you will look incomplete. Men’s dress shoes have various types like Oxfords, Brogues, Derbies, Loafers, and many more.

Oxfords are often considered the best men’s dress shoes with a more formal look. If you are looking for the best men’s dress shoes, go nowhere else. This article will lead you to our top picks so that you can choose the best men’s dress shoes for any upcoming formal event.

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How We Select The Best

Selecting the best dress shoes for men depends on two factors; fit and style. A perfect pair  is the secret sauce that we use to select the best things for our valuable readers.

Finding the best might be difficult now as some friends and colleagues prefer wearing Adidas or crocks. You're definitely not the only one looking for dress shoes this year.

But these modern monk strap shoes are not like their predecessors. Although their craftsmanship is the same, it has improved a lot in style and fit, which easily matches the fashion of the present time.

We have compiled a list of the top men’s dress shoes, covering all the stylish types, so that you can get a clear picture of what exactly you need to pick.

Stacy Adams Dickinson Cap-Toe Shoe

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What's The Big Deal?

Stacy Adams is one of the most famous and oldest shoe brands working since 1875. Stacy Adams is the choice of men looking for a perfect classic look that defines them in the best way.

The biggest deal about this shoe is hand burnishing and attention to detail. The right amount of hand burnishing can be seen on each shoe, especially on the toe box and heel. You can observe attention to detail in the brogue edges shadowing.

What You Should Know

Stacy Adams Men’s Oxford shoes are made of 100% leather, whereas the sole is of non-leather material. Cap-toe oxford features blind-eyelet lacing and hand-burnished brogue perforated trims, making it a classic choice. The shoe sole is completely cushioned with high-quality memory foam, going from heel to toe. It provides shock absorption and padded comfort to your feet.

The lightweight construction of this shoe makes it durable and comfortable. The outsole is flexible and contrasting and has stitched detailing on the stacked heel. It is available in 4 unique colors. As it can be used on any occasion, wearing shoes of this caliber is a must in any wardrobe.

Johnston & Murphy Melton Cap Toe Shoe

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What's The Big Deal?

Johnston & Murphy is one of the most famous footwear brands in the USA. It started with the hard work of a shoemaker in 1850, and today, it stands at the peak of success and fame due to its high-quality material and craftsmanship.

Johnston & Murphy Men’s Melton Cap Toe is a formal dress shoe. The smooth leather upper and sole of this shoe are made from 100% European leather, while the 1.25-inches heel is made of Fineline rubber for a perfect formal look.

What You Should Know

Johnston & Murphy Men’s Melton Cap Toe is a timeless piece of classic footwear that you can wear at different events like graduation, wedding, interviews, etc.

The shoes feature a multi-layered cushioning with Optima Comfort System so that you can enjoy support, flexibility, and comfort. This Melton Cap Toe is available in 4 colors and various sizes.

Bruno Marc Leather Lined Shoe

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What's The Big Deal?

Talking about fit and style? Bruno Marc is the one that must be on top of the best men’s dress shoes if you are concerned with style and fit. These men’s dress shoes come with an adorable combination of classic plain toes, premium leather lining, and a lace-up design, making them equally suitable for formal and informal events.

The outsole is durable and made of high-quality leather, with a wooden heel of approximately 1-inch. The upper is made of plain, smooth leather material to best fit your feet.

What You Should Know

Bruno Marc can give a classic look to all types of attire you wear. The soft and smooth premium quality leather with snug fit lace-up design makes your look as perfect as you desire. These dress shoes are equally comfortable on your feet, and the premium-quality leather lining with lightly padded latex cushioned insole provides comfort for a whole day.

Bruno Marc dress shoes are available in various shades of black, brown, and white, so your Bruno Marc shoes can go well with anything you wear.

Clarks Tilden Slip-On Shoe

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What's The Big Deal?

If you are looking for men’s dress shoes to experience ultimate comfort, Clarks Men’s Tilden Free Slip-On Loafer is the most suitable choice for you. Clarks is one of the world’s most renowned shoe brands, working for more than 100 years in manufacturing high-quality men’s dress shoes and other footwear.

Clarks Men’s Tilden Free Slip-On Loafer is made of 100% leather to deliver a classic look for office and informal events.

What You Should Know

Clarks Men’s Tilden Free Slip-On Loafer features Stretch Gore Panels on the upper leather that provide a flexible fit. The purposeful padding surrounds the feet and provides much-needed softness. Also, a lightweight ortholite footbed makes shoes breathable, provides arch support, and kicks away moisture.

The rubber sole of this fabulous loafer is made of soft and synthetic thermoplastic rubber that keeps your feet comfortable all day. These shoes are available in various shades of brown and black, with 1-inches high heels.

Nunn Bush Lincoln Classic Shoe

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What's The Big Deal?

Nunn Bush, established in 1912, still makes shoes of high-quality leather and is perfect for all formal and casual occasions. Nunn Bush Men’s Lincoln Classic Penny Loafer Slip-On is one of the shoe models that can perfectly match your formal or informal attire. Wit Nunn Bush, you can expect strength, flexibility, and unmatched fit for your feet.

These slip-on Loafer shoes by Nunn Bush is a classic style with authentic penny keeper and beef roll features. The upper is made of genuine soft and smooth leather. The shoe also has suedetec lining to provide maximum comfort, perfect shape, and flexibility.

What You Should Know

Nunn Bush Men’s Lincoln Classic Penny Loafer Slip-On has a flexible rubber outsole that makes it lightweight and durable. An EVA cushioned footbed with comfort gel rests inside the shoe, providing a full-length padded sock lining and keeping your feet comfortable. You can also wear these shoes without socks.

These shoes are manufactured in medium and wide widths to fit perfectly on most feet. The shoes are available in 2 standard yet amazing colors.

Dress Shoes for Standing All Day FAQs

What type of shoes should males wear with an official dress?

The most popular dress shoes for men is the Oxford shoe, typically a black dress shoe. These are excellent luxury dress shoes fit to wear at any formal events.

How many pairs of dress shoes should a man have?

Well, the ‘how many’ question depends on one’s affordability. However, according to the traditional rule of elegant dressing, 7 pairs of dress shoes are recommended for men to wear a new one daily.

How do I know if my dress shoes are good quality?

If you want to know the quality of your dress shoes, consider the following facts.

  • It should be made from genuine leather
  • Have a thick and stitched sole, not glued
  • The inner liner should be natural
  • It should not be cheaper, not less than $100
  • The stitching must be neat

What are men’s formal shoes called?

Men’s tuxedo shoes or dress shoes are called Oxfords, some even call them goodyear welted shoes. Men mostly wear oxfords for formal events. The style of leather dress shoes is it's close lacing that make them easy to identify.

Why are formal shoes uncomfortable?

This typical dress shoe is made from initially inflexible leather that is typically in a monk strap shoe design. This is why formal leather shoes are uncomfortable in the beginning. They take a little time to get flexible and comfortable at your feet than dress sneakers made from mesh fibers.

Can I wear Oxfords with jeans?

Oxfords is a traditional dress shoe, specially designed for formal attire, but there is no rule in the dress shoe repertoire that you can’t wear Oxfords with jeans, same goes for women's dress shoes. Oxfords also look stylish and classy with jeans. If you make sure that the color of your Oxfords looks great with your jeans, it will surely kill your looks.

Final Word

We hope that after reading this article, you will be pretty clear and confident about which are the most comfortable dress shoes that best is suitable for your needs. We included the best 5 men’s dress shoes of different brands and types so that you have a few options in hand. Make sure you get the one that is comfortable for you and adds style to your look to make you look classy at every special event.